Something Special scotch whisky launches art programme

02 October, 2009

Something Special blended scotch whisky has launched its 2009 Enbotellarte exhibition tour in Quito, Ecuador – a digital art exhibition.

Artists from across Latin America were challenged to create works of art inspired by the Something Special bottle, using the digital medium. A shortlist of the 15 best artworks from this year’s competition has been selected and these winners will be showcased in the Enbotellarte 2009 exhibition, which will run in five markets throughout autumn.

Brand director for Standard Blends at Chivas Brothers Geoff Parmiter said: “Transforming Enbotellarte into a digital art contest has allowed us to incorporate a wider variety of artists, such as filmmakers, animators, photographers, illustrators and designers.

“By showcasing the digital exhibition on we were also able to reach a much larger number of participants from every corner of Latin America and, as expected, the results are spectacular and have brought Something Special to life in a truly contemporary and innovative way.”

Something Special is a blended Scotch that, according to Something Special, is the number three Scotch brand in Latin America, with particularly strong sales in Venezuela and Colombia. The Enbotellarte 2009 exhibition will visit a number of markets in South and Latin America including Peru, Columbia and Ecuador.

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