Balblair releases film in partnership with David Eustace

Single malt Scotch brand Balblair has partnered with acclaimed Scottish photographer and director David Eustace to produce a film.

Precious Time explores the “unrushed craft” behind the brand’s single malt and the beauty of the Highlands where the distillery is found.

“At Balblair, time is a defining part of who we are,” said distillery manager John MacDonald, who stars in the film.

“A respect for time is a must in whisky production and we never manipulate or control it. For me, Precious Time is about appreciation; the anticipation before the whisky touches your lips and savouring that moment in time.”

Balblair single malt undergoes a slow distillation followed by a lengthy maturation and the distillery considers time to be a key ingredient in the whisky’s recipe.

“An unrushed approach to their craft is key to Balblair’s success and this is something that the film aims to communicate,” added Eustace.

“I also hope that the film encourages the audience to reflect on their own concept of time and find those moments to savour for themselves.”

Precious Time is available to view online at from 26 May.