Código 1530 announces two mezcal releases

Independent tequila brand, Código1530, has announced its entry into the mezcal category with the launch of two mezcal expressions.

The premium agave-spirits brand has partnered with a mezcal master to produce mezcal with as little machine interaction as possible.

“After many years of going to Oaxaca, we were able to partner with trusted local producers from different regions in the San Juan del Rio region,” said co-founder and co-chief executive Ron Snyder.

“With their help, we have had access to a wide variety of palenques and communities, hence the ability to make a unique and exceptional ensemble.”

Código 1530 Artesenal Mezcal, incorporates a donkey-pulled tahona wheel, wild fermentation and copper still distillation with the result then rested in sauvignon blanc wine barrels.

The production of Código 1530 Ancestral Mezcal uses no machines or automation in production. The agave is mashed by hand using a wooden stick, fermentation takes place in a leather vat and distillation in clay pots.

“Código 1530 has a great opportunity when creating our mezcal to use different types of agaves to obtain a wide range of natural flavours,” said co-founder and co-chief executive Federico Vaughn.

“By carefully combining different agave types, using espadín and tobalá from different terroirs, an incredibly well balanced mezcal is created that can be enjoyed either straight or in a cocktail.”

Both expression are available in select on-premise sites in the UK including Chotto Matte Marylebone, La Bodega Negra, Corrochios, Cavita, and Mezcalito, as well as online through Amazon for £62.99 rrp for Código 1530 Artesenal Mezcal and £149.99 rrp Código 1530 Ancestral Mezcal.