Oslo cocktail bar Himkok launches new menu

Oslo-based cocktail bar Himkok has announced a new menu that uses Scandinavian produce to evoke memories of Norway’s traditional sweet treats.

The guest-forward drinks offering features cocktails each centred around one ingredient, using in-house components including Aquavits, gins and distillates made in the bar’s own distillery.

The menu is part of Himkok’s mission to showcase Scandinavian ingredients and includes 13 cocktails highlighting Norway’s food and drink culture. 

The menu’s development was led by bar manager Maroš Dzurus and head of flavour R&D Paul Aguilar with the Himkok bar team, using a conscious approach to enhancing cocktail experience. 

Himkok has also collaborated with multimedia artist and photographer, Olav Stubberud, giving guests the opportunity to scan a picture of a drink on their phone, bringing up more details on the creation of the serve.

Some of the cocktails on offer include Bun, made using a fat-washed Buffalo Trace whisky and Sazerac to recall the taste of Skolebrød, a typical Norwegian pastry and Seabuckthorn, made using locally grown seabuckthorn and cloudberries as well as Siddis Gelato, to recreate the flavours of Multekrem, a Norwegian dessert.