Penfolds launches new editions to Cellar Reserve portfolio

Penfolds is launching a new accessible AUD$50 range within the travel retail exclusive Cellar Reserve portfolio, aimed at recruiting wine drinkers into the premium wine category. 

The broadened Penfolds Cellar Reserve offering consists of three new varietals: Penfolds 2021 Cellar Reserve Shiraz, Penfolds 2021 Cellar Reserve Grenache Shiraz Mataro (GSM) and Penfolds Cellar Reserve 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Lina Lim, global customer marketing manager, GTR, said: “The launch of this new range within the Penfolds Cellar Reserve portfolio is not only about broadening consumer appeal, but it also plays a central role in our upweighted focus on Penfolds Cellar Reserve as a key exclusive range for travellers. Alongside this new launch, expect to see more focus and activation on the Cellar Reserve range in store as we look to drive awareness globally.” 

Research conducted in May by Penfolds showed that one in three wine shoppers are interested in exploring travel retail exclusive wine products in store. It also highlighted the fact that a similar proportion of shoppers are interested in well-known brands. 

All three wines have an rsp of AUD$50 and are available at selected Global Travel Retail locations.