The Balvenie releases its oldest whisky ever

Speyside distillery, The Balvenie, has announced the launch of its oldest and rarest whisky ever, The Balvenie Sixty, a single cask bottling from 1962.

The bottling marks the anniversary of renowned malt master David C Stewart MBE who is celebrating sixty years at the distillery – making him the longest-serving malt master in the history of the whisky industry.

“I started at the distillery in 1962, as a whisky stocks clerk, this liquid; a new make spirit was filled into a collection of traditional European Oak Hogshead casks,” said Stewart.

“For six decades it has rested and matured, now marking quite a poignant moment for me on my journey.’’

The whisky was selected by The Balvenie’s Kelsey McKechnie, who has been mentored by Stewart for the past four years.

“I have learned so much from David at work,” said McKechnie. “His mentorship has made a profound impact on me and finding a cask to fit such an incredible character in the distillery’s history is a great honour.

“On the nose the whisky has a mesmerising array of autumnal aromas, lavender, heather and bracken. Whilst rich toffee, roasted coffee and beautifully layered oak dominate the palate. 

“The flavour evolves with time revealing bursts of cloves, nutmeg, charred oak and candied orange in an exceptional long-lasting finish.” 

The bottling arrives in a case made from glass, gold and brass, etched with personal anecdotes from influential individuals from Stewart’s career.

Only 71 bottles of The Balvenie Sixty have been made available globally.