Callooh Callay Chelsea launches new cocktail menu

Callooh Callay Chelsea has launched its new cocktail menu, ‘To Whom it May Concern’.

Recognised for its array of fun themed menus and innovative events, the new collection of cocktails will be presented in the style of letter, with each cocktail unveiling a story from the past. 

From key historical figures, to secret code words and poetic citations, the menu is an ode to the past, led by the head of bars for Callooh Callay, Emily Chipperfield.

“The new menu at Callooh Callay Chelsea plays on the nostalgia and importance of handwritten letters throughout history. In a world where so many of our social interactions are digital, bars hold a special place in helping people to connect. To Whom It May Concern Is our love letter to cocktails,” said Chipperfield. 

The menu features twists on classic cocktails, such as 'Message in a Bottle', a twist on an Old Fashioned made with Guava Rum and the 'Absolom' named after a character in Alice in Wonderland, an Umami & tomato Manhattan.