Swedish schnapps Flävar plans for European expansion

Swedish schnapps brand Flävar reaches 100k bottles sold since launching in the UK on-trade in May this year, with plans to grow its European presence in 2023.

With a six-figure marketing sum invested for retail growth as the category looks to reaffirm its presence in bars, but this time with an abv of 25%, an aggressive NPD strategy is in place as six new flavours are to come in the next 12 months. 

Founder Rolf Munding said: “Gone are the days of dragging out that dusty old bottle at the back of granny’s cocktail cabinet once a year, and memories of garish neon glittery shots slammed back in the student union. Flävar, a clear vodka-based schnapps, has arrived from Sweden, the UK consumer is embracing the glamorous makeover of this retro liquid.

“Flävar is inspired by the Swedish concept of Fika, a traditional Swedish ritual that emphasises the importance of connection, taking a time out, and enjoying a sweet treat or two,” Munding added. 

Crafted on the shores of Lake Boren in Southern Sweden, the brand will see a marketing drive in 2023 that hopes to educate at home mixologists to experiment with different drinks as the trend for cocktails continues.