Peru’s Sastreria Martinez launches new menu

Peru-based cocktail bar, Sastreria Martinez, has announced the launch of its brand new menu titled Collection 2023.

The menu features eighteen different drinks created by the team, led by the bar manager Diego Macedo and head bartender Daniel Rengifo.

The cocktail menu takes inspiration from some of the greatest classic drinks that made history, with a Peruvian twist. 

In creating the Collection 2023 menu, the team picked their favourite classic cocktails from the 1920-30s and incorporated Peruvian flavours using different techniques and styles, as well as collaborating with local farmers and supporting the city local markets, which is where the team gets their produce from. 

The design of the menu compliments the speakeasy style and theme and is a collection of garments, darts, fabric pre-cuts and styles, with every cocktail coming in a vessel or with a garnish that celebrates the work of the tailor.

From the menu, one of the team's favourites is Mr. Martinez 2.0, which is made with Johnnie Walker Gold infused with cheesecake, blanco vermouth with thyme, bergamot, quinine and the cacao mucilage, the white pulp that surrounds the cocoa beans inside the pod.

The menu also includes non-alcoholic classics, made with the same style and techniques.