Beam launches Teacher's Origin whisky

Beam Global is to launch Teacher’s Origin in global travel retail. The product has already launched in India, where, according to Beam, Teacher’s is the number one blended whisky.

Beam said the launch is the “first step towards expanding the brand’s availability to consumers globally”.

The launch of Teacher’s Origin is also part of the brand’s longer-term ambition to create a number of whisky expressions from Teacher’s.

Origin underwent double maturation in 19th century-style quarter casks and features 30 different malt whiskies. The smaller cask size allows for more contact between the whisky and the wood. According to Beam this creates “30% more maturation”. The blend also features 65% malt content and Highland malt Ardmore is at the heart of the blend.

Beam’s director for European travel retail and ME&A, Gareth Brown, said: “Origin allows the Teacher’s trademark to compete with aged blends up to 12 years old for the first time and provides us with a step forward in brand development.

“The travel retail channel is a great environment for the trial and discovery of new whiskies by consumers, so we are keen to see how it performs in this market. We are expecting a high level of consumer interest following the launch, especially in key markets, including European travel retail as well as Middle East and African markets where Teacher’s is already a leading whisky brand.”

Teacher’s Origin will be available in 1 litre bottles and also in a premium gift box, RRP €29.90.