Book Review: Whisky Opus

Yes, it is that time of year: late summer/autumn when publishers start releasing books with an eye to the Christmas gifting market. Well, here’s one for anyone looking for either a coffee table book or an easy-to-read/glance at, authoritative book on whisky.

Authors: Gavin D Smith & Dominic Roskrow

Readers of Drinks International will know both these authors. Gavin and Dominic are regular contributors to DI, principally about – guess what? Yes, whisky. They know what they are writing about.

Smith has written many features on scotch for DI and Roskrow has written on bourbon and Indian whisky for DI. Smith has written ‘Whisky A Brief History’ and Roskrow was editor of Whisky Magazine, editsThe Whisky Shop’s ‘Whiskeria’ and writes and publishes an online magazine, ‘World Whisky Review’.

Whisky Opus has that trademark Dorling Kindersley look about it: clean layouts, easy to either read, glance at or flick through pages. I particularly liked the introductory section with Whisky: the Big Questions. Apparently, whisky was invented in Sweden. A viking called Orm, according to Lars Lindberger who works for Mackmyra which happens to make Swedish whisky. There you go…

Needless to say, there are beautiful pictures with low downs and tasting notes on all the major brands. Having recently written a feature on Indian whisky, I know how difficult it is to get information. So hats for managing to get sections on whisky from the likes of Pakistan, Taiwan, New Zealand and South Africa.

Publishers: DK Dorling Kindersley

Price: £30 (US$45-50, Euro35-40)