US Drinks Conference – event details

The US Drinks Conference will be held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York on Tuesday, September 10.

The organisers, MHW, Brand Action Team and Next Level Marketing, say the conference will provide the practical information that spirit, wine and beer suppliers need to be successful in the American market.

It says the global gathering, now in its seventh year, brings owners, entrepreneurs, exporters, importers, marketers and distributors together to share case histories and lessons learned from successful brands.

The conference will be held in conjunction with the premiere of the 2013 Holiday Buying Show which is oriented to on- and off-premise operators and distributors, and is said to showcase the leading spirit and wine brands, programs and support plans for the key holiday season.

The US Drinks Conference sessions will run from 08:30 to 12:00. Presentations will comprise:

Regulatory and US Distribution System

MHW president John Beaudette, discuss:

Recognising the challenges and solutions for launching brands:

· What are the regulatory requirements associated with the three tier system and what may be changing?

· How is the US distribution landscape changing and what are the best options for market entry?

· What are the markup structures across the three tier system and how will my brand/ trademark be valued if I eventually sell it?

What’s “hot” and how do you take advantage of trends

Mike Ginley, president and founder of Next Level Marketing will take about:

A fast-paced and information-packed presentation of the latest beverage trends shaping the US Beverage Alcohol industry:

· Total beverage alcohol overview;

· Consumer insights driving growth opportunities;

· Beer, wine and spirits category growth and brand trends to watch.

How to grow your brand in partnership, in spite of, or without distributor support

Brand Action Team managing partner, Steve Raye will lead the discussion on:

Understanding WIIFM—“What’s In It For Me”—from the distributor perspective:

· What’s the best way to get an initial meeting?

· What criteria do distributors use in evaluating whether to take on a brand?

· How to get distributors to support your brand.

· Distributor consolidation is limiting options—what’s the right strategy for my brand/company?

Setting a marketing budget for your brand launch

Brand Action Team managing partner, Jeff Grindrod will discuss:

Whether you’re a behemoth or a boutique brand, you'll get the straight scoop in this session on allocating marketing spend that's right for you with answers to questions like:

· What kind of budget do I need?

· How should I allocate marketing spend?

· How long will it take before a new brand launch turns profitable?

· What kind of realistic volumes can I forecast and expect?

For more information contact Steve Raye at Brand Action Team or visit