Bartender-demand arrests Noilly Prat decline

Noilly Prat is enjoying growth for the first time in around seven years because of growing demand for vermouth from bartenders, according to brand owner Bacardi. 

Between April 2013 and March 2014, the volumes of Noilly Prat notched up just over 1% growth, according to international brand ambassador Ludovic Miazga.

He said the use of vermouth in bartending and cocktail culture had arrested a decline for the brand that had lasted around seven to eight years.

The historical aperitif-drinking culture of the south of France has been hit by drink-driving laws in recent years.

“In France the laws and regulations for drink driving changed,” Miazga said. “Before people would go out and have an aperitif, wine with a meal and then a digestive. They had to compromise [on something] and started with the digestif first and then the aperitif. So consumption has been going down.

“But the growth for vermouth is now in key cities with cocktail cultures, such as London, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Portland, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.”

Miazga added that cocktail culture’s development could also improve off-trade sales. “There are the mixologists but also a smaller trend of home entertainment as cocktails have become more accessible.”