Cava is optimistic about Christmas

The Consejor Regulador DO Cava, the regulatory board for Spain’s famous sparkling wine, says worldwide sales were up a 1.7% to more than 158 million in the first nine months of the year, compared with the same period in 2014.

The domestic market shows a positive trend due to an increase in Reserva cavas sales (6.25% from the past year) and Gran Reserva (+18%). This growth has been recorded mainly in restaurants and bars, says the board.

CRDO Cava chairman Pedro Bonet, says he considers the industry can be: “Positive and optimistic, as we expect 40 million Cava bottles to be sold during the Christmas holidays.” A figure that reflects the recovery of the economy, according to Bonet.

In the foreign markets, the trend is also positive with the exception of Belgium and UK, which are showing a reduction in sales due to price policies, according to Ponet.

Regarding Germany, Cava sales are expected to end the year with positive figures. In addition, the Cava Regulatory Board outlines the growth in United States (2.81%), Canada (9.12%) and France (19.21%).

"This last example is very significant, as France is the country that knows best the qualities of sparkling wines. Right now, French consumers are drinking more Cava than Champagne are being bought by Spanish consumers,” said Ponet.