D.O. Cava enjoys record breaking 2021

Following a strong performance in the international market, D.O. Cava has reported a sales growth of 17.3 per cent and 252 million bottles in sales.

A total of 71 per cent of total sales were registered in international markets with double-digit growth enjoyed in the United States (40 per cent), Belgium (11.6 per cent), Austria (65.6 per cent), Brazil (37.7 per cent), and Poland (27.4 per cent).

"The international presence of Cava demonstrates its power as a brand in diverse territories on a global scale," said Javier Pagés, president of D.O. Cava.

Sales in the domestic market also surpassed pre-pandemic levels, increasing by 19 per cent to a toa log 68.8 million bottles.

Partially responsible for Cava’s strong performance is the D.O.’s commitment to ecology, sustainability, and quality, with sales of Organic Cavas growing 65 per cent and sales of Guarda Superior (aged 18 months or more) growing by 104.3 per cent.

"Cava is vitally important for the sustainability and development of our territory, with more than 350 wineries and 38,000 hectares of vineyard,” said Pagés.

“As a D.O. based on origin, on our vineyards, and on long ageing, we have a serious responsibility and a unique opportunity to take the exceptional success of Cava to even greater heights”.