Moët Hennessy releases Ardbeg Day Dark Cove

Moët Hennessy has announced the release of its annual limited edition whisky, Ardbeg’s Dark Cove. 

Dark Cove (46.5% abv) is non-chill filtered and made up of whisky matured in sherry casks, married with hallmark ex-bourbon Ardbeg. It carries a RRP of £95.99.  

Michael Heads, Ardbeg distillery manager, said that the special bottling of Ardbeg Dark Cove “pays homage to the shadowy past of Ardbeg’s coastline.”

Ardbeg Day, is an annual event held by the brand. Ardbeg Committee members will be attending special tasting events being held across the world. Committee members can smuggle in a guest to the venue, keeping in style with the history of whisky smugglers on its base, the Isle of Islay.

Heads added: “In true smugglers’ style we will be keeping the finer details of this year’s Ardbeg Day celebrations under wraps a little longer, but rest assured they will be as intriguing as Ardbeg’s clandestine past.”  

Dark Cove will be available as a celebration of Ardbeg Day on Saturday 28 May 2016 as part of the Islay Festival of Malt and Music, which usually takes place in May or June on Ardbeg’s island home.

It can be purchased from Ardbeg Embassies on 28 May and is available from whisky specialists and department stores from 11 June. Tastings for UK residents will be held at Whistling Shop in London and Bramble in Edinburgh.