MHW expands to Europe with Templeton Rye

MHW the leading service provider for wine, beer, cider and spirits in the US, has expanded to Europe starting with Templeton Rye.

The MHW European platform will operate through a logistics hub in the Netherlands with additional expertise in the UK.

“We are delighted that Templeton Rye, an industry leader, chose MHW to efficiently realise their export goals through one seamless business solution that maximizes brand control and market opportunity from day one,” said Gabe Barkley, CEO of MHW.

John Beaudette, president of MHW added: “There is a growing demand for US craft products in Europe that we are now able to serve with a depth of distribution and reach that has been previously unavailable to producers without substantial investment. 

“Our goal is to become a trusted advisor for brands looking to enter European markets by leveraging the practices that have driven decades of success in the US.”


MHW is a nationally licensed importer and distributor which serves more than 350 wine, spirits and beer clients in the US.