The world's first alcohol-free 'tequila' launches

Mockingbird Spirit has launched as the industry’s first alcohol-free ‘tequila’ using Blue Weber Agave in its production.

The ‘tequila’ is the first product launched by Mockingbird and and as well as agave uses Ashwagandha, a medicinal herb thought to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

The liquid was created by Mockingbird founder Fern McCoy over the course of seven months and is said to have notes of “earthy Blue Weber Agave, sweet vanilla and cinnamon with a healthy hint of habanero” on the palate.

Mockingbird Spirit is designed to be enjoyed in mezcal style mocktails or paired with fresh lime and a club soda mixer. It’s made using only vegan ingredients and has just 12 calories per 50ml serving.