Lambrini gets Christmas push

28 October, 2009

Halewood International is putting a £1M pre-Christmas marketing push behind its Lambrini brand in a bid to drive sales growth in the run up to Christmas.

The company is to launch a national TV advertising and online video on demand campaign which will run throughout December across ITV1, Channel 4 and a number of national satellite channels.

The twenty second commercials are the latest adaptation of the “Do The Lambrini” campaign and are part of a £1M investment in the brand that also includes the launch of a new consumer facing website.

The company aims to promote Lambrini as a wine-style drink targeting the 18-24 female market and earlier this year Halewood International launched a 750ml rosé variant.

Halewood International senior brand manager Sue Beck said: “Lambrini is an incredibly successful year round drink but like many brands it enjoys a peak in sales at Christmas. We are placing considerable investment behind Lambrini during the key Christmas period to support our retail customers and recruit consumers into the brand. This year we are combining TV advertising with an online video on demand campaign because a large percentage of Lambrini consumers are heavy Internet users and we are looking to drive awareness across a multiplicity of channels."